Weird Party
Weird Party logo, 2011
Origin Houston, TX
Genre Hardcore
Years Active March 2010 - Present
Labels none
Associated Acts Dead Tooth
Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Muhammid Ali
Sugar Shack
These Borders Were Drawn In Blood
Welfare Mothers
Websites Official Site
Members Shawn Adolf
Stephen Bee
Kyle Gioins
Shelby Hohl
Dann Miller
Former Members Bryan Agan
"Dirty" Jeff Smith
Weird Party is a hardcore band whose members have been in Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Welfare Mothers, Muhammid Ali, Sugar Shack, American Fangs, and These Borders Were Drawn In Blood.


Weird Party formed in early 2010. They made their debut at The Mink on March 5th, 2010. On December 31st, 2010 they played at Fitzgerald's for the Free Press Houston New Year's Eve show. Rumors circulated about the band having broken up, and in February 2011, a self-titled album was leaked.

The album turned out to be leaked by Bryan Agan, who had quit the band after (or during) the New Year's Eve show. Another member said that the leaked album was more or less demos, and that the band was already almost finished with a full-length consisting of entirely different material. Agan was replaced with Dann Miller, and the band resumed playing shows.


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  • Weird Party (2011, Digital Release)



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