This is the debut album from four piece punk band The Energy. It was released on April, 20th, 2010.

The Energy's First Album
Artist The Energy
Label Team Science! Records
Recorded 2009, Dead City Sound
Released April 20th, 2010
Genre Punk

Recording NotesEdit

Recorded at Dead City Sound in 2009.


1. Destroy Imagination 05:36
2. Girls Don't Like Me 04:59
3. Stabbing in the Dark 08:10
4. I'm Gonna Cut You into Pieces 02:42
5. I Won't Let You Waste Me 04:42
6. Perfectly Possessed 02:44
7. I'm Not Gonna Lose It on You 05:52
8. Drugged Skull on the Jagged Rocks 02:39


  • Album Cover

Artwork was done by Arthur Bates. The album cover is a two-color screen.


Arthur Bates - vocals
Chris Ryan - bass
Tom Tripplett - guitar
Josh Wolf - drums

Mastered By Carl Saff

Artwork by Arthur Bates
Photography by Mark Armes



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