Prairie Cadets is a four-piece alt-country/punk band from Houston, that was started in 2008.

Prairie Cadets


It was the winter of 2008, and Marc Brubaker had just acquired an old student model Wurlitzer electric piano. Adam P. Newton and Brubaker both worked at Taft Street Coffee, and Newton would crash at Marc's house once a week. For a long time they had just discussed music, but the addition of the piano led to actual songwriting, and Prairie Cadets was born.

In February of 2009 it was decided that they would try to assemble an album's worth of material. Around five songs were produced - some new, some adaptations of older songs Brubaker had written.

When the summer rolled around, Brubaker's brother David returned from college, and the duo put him to work drumming. The songs became more refined, and a show was played on August 16th, just before David returned to Nashville.

Throughout the fall & winter, Prairie Cadets struggled to find a drummer, performing mainly as a duo, with Newton playing drums. Brendan Moody filled in on drums for a pair of shows, but it wasn't until February 2010 when John Seaborn Gray was added that the band found a permanent drummer.

The band had over a dozen songs written at this point, and the first week of March they spent a sweat-filled night at Dead City Sound to record a demo that would be given out at SXSW. Marc personally assembled around 85 of these, complete with an insert and unique typewritten covers. After SXSW, an additional 100 or so were made.

In July 2010, April Patrick joined the band on bass.


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Band MembersEdit

Current Members [This should be changed to Final Lineup for bands that are no longer active]

  • Marc Brubaker - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Adam P. Newton - piano, backing vocals, guitar
  • John Seaborn Gray - drums, backing vocals
  • April Patrick - bass

Former Members

  • David Brubaker - drums [Summer 2009]
  • Brendan Moody - drums [Winter 2009]


  • Live on KTRU, 10.23.2009 [2009] - handmade CDr with screenprinted cover
  • Dead City Demos [2010] - handmade, CDr with typed cover



Live Performances

  • Live at Dean's Credit Clothing, 12.23.2009
  1. Houston On The West Coast
  2. Tan Like Leather
  3. Southern Meadow
  • Live at The Mink, 08.16.2009
  1. Tan Like Leather

Flyer VaultEdit

  • 2009.08.16 flyer for The Mink



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