Cutthroat Records
Founded No information
Genre Punk, Hardcore
Websites Facebook
Cutthroat Records is a label focusing on punk and hardcore acts.


This is the space to provide a detailed history of the label. Maybe the story of how it formed, notable dates, members coming and going, the breakup. Tell the story here.


Facebook: pages/Cutthroat-Records/130636606961608


Affiliated ActsEdit

Current Roster


  • CUT-001 Black Star Brigade - Coming Thru The Airwaves 7"
  • CUT-002 Teen Cool/Gun Crazy split 7"
  • CUT-003 Born Liars - Exit Smiling
  • CUT-004 Chaos Horde - Demo '86
  • CUT-005 Born Liars 7"
  • CUT-006 Rattus - Invades The USA 7"
  • CUT-007 The Drunks - Speed Metal Blues 7"
  • CUT-008 Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders 7"
  • CUT-009 Die Rotzz 7"
  • CUT-010 No Talk - Tighten The Noose 7"
  • CUT-011 Secret Prostitutes 7"
  • CUT-012 P.L.F. - Pulverizing Lethal Force
  • CUT-013 Born Liars - Ragged Island
  • CUT-014 Born Liars - Don't Pick Up The Phone
  • CUT-015 KG Beasley & The Leather Violence 7"
  • CUT-016 Hell City Kings - Road To Damnation
  • CUT-017 The American Heist/Hell City Kings split 7"
  • CUT-018 Pride Kills - Elvis Party 7"
  • CUT-019 Bloody Hammer - Apathy Is Bliss 7"
  • CUT-020 No Talk - Leather Discipline
  • CUT-021 Hell City Kings - The Wolf 7"
  • CUT-022 The Drunks - Death Dealer
  • CUT-023 Born Liars - Fast Songs Is All We Know
  • CUT-024 The American Heist LP
  • CUT-025 The Filthoundz - Unleash The Hounds
  • CUT-026 Lysol SS 7"
  • CUT-027 Hell City Kings/White Rhino split 7"
  • CUT-028 Defending The Kingdom/Ghost Town Electric split 12"
  • CUT-029 Venemous Maximus - Give Up The Witch 7"


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