Cog Melter
Cog Melter at Super Happy Fun Land, June 11, 2011.
Origin January 2011
Genre Grindcore / Bikeviolence
Years Active 2011 - Present
Websites Official Site
Members Nigel
Cog Melter is a grindcore band who describes themselves as "third coast bikeviolence."

They believe in bike, human, and animal liberation and "won't stop until we accomplish this goal." Cog Melter songs are short, straight, and to the point and pertain mostly to equal rights for bikers. Some songs center around post apocalyptic themes.


Cog Melter was concieved in January of 2011, started by Jackson and Bobby. Initially a duo, it turned into a trio with the addition of lead vocalist Nigel.

Cog Melter played their first show on May 8, 2011, with Dissent and Omotai .

The band is planning to release a split 7" soon with IPV.




Band MembersEdit

Current Members

  • Nigel - lead vocals
  • Jackson - guitar, backing vocals
  • Bobby - drums, backing vocals

Former Members

  • Claudia


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