Agro-Wax Records
Founded 2010
Years Operational 2010 - present
Genre Punk
Websites Agro-Wax Records
Agro-Wax Records is an independent punk label.


Each Agro-Wax release is limited to either 100 or 300 physical copies, and is pressed on vinyl. Digital downloads of each release are posted for free on the label's website. Thus far, Agro-Wax has operated on a fixed price scale of eight dollars per 12-inch record and four dollars per 7-inch record.


Website: Agro-Wax Records

Affiliated ActsEdit

  • Crime Wave
  • Janitor
  • Guilt Party
  • Forced Fem
  • Lexicon Devils


  • AWR-001 Janitor - Exterminate My Generation 7" (out of print)
  • AWR-002 Crime Wave - Savage Reaction EP (out of print)
  • AWR-003 Crime Wave - Modern Lobotomies EP (out of print)
  • AWR-004 V/A - Bullshit Vol. 1 7" (out of print)
  • AWR-005 Crime Wave - Nazi Sex / Convulsion Gospels LP (out of print)
  • AWR-006 V/A - Houston Mutant Sounds CD (out of print)
  • AWR-007 Guilt Party - Discography 7"
  • AWR-008 Forced Fem - The "Safe" Word 7"
  • AWR-009 Crime Wave - Ritual Mutations: Complete Discography CD
  • AWR-010 Lexicon Devils - Vegetative State 7"



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